Bijou Entertainment offers consultation, book and screenplay development services to writers and producers.  

•    Script reading and editing

•    Logline, Overview & Synopsis

•    Weapons Terminology for Scripts

•    Weapons Handling for Actors

•    Manuscript Editing and Formatting

Please contact us about your book or script project.

Script and Book Services:  Ginger Marin:  Former producer/writer/editor with NBC News, New York for shows like “Weekend Nightly News”, “Sunday Today”, NBC News Overnight”, and news on the hour reports.  Author and actor.

Weapons Advisor/Handler:  J Bartell:  Holds the title of Combat Master in practical pistol shooting and taught Police Officers, FBI agents, SWAT.  Mr. Bartell served as a Weapons Adviser/Handler for a variety of Concord-New Horizon films as well as for “APEX”: Green Communications, Philip Roth, director.  In the early 1980’s, J Bartell was asked to serve as a psychological consultant for the First Earth Battalion which was to be our government’s new military force.  As a result of budget cuts the battalion was disbanded but it was during that time that Mr. Bartell received training in the use of military weapons.  Mr. Bartell was trained by Michael Harries and Jeff Cooper in many techniques that are used worldwide by Police and Swat, including the famous Harries Flashlight Technique.  He served in black ops for ten years and was a world class athlete in combat shooting for many years.